Manufacture of elements

Manufacture of elements is performed in compliance with the European Technical Approval (ETA) certificate of conformity and CE requirements ensuring manufacture of products in a controlled environment according to a managed quality system. Our production base is located in Estonia, about 100 km from Tallinn

  • Timber trusses

    For roof constructions we offer, depending on the design, either nail or connecting plate trusses but also roof elements. It is possible to produce trusses with the total length of up to 14 m.

  • Modules and room elements

    We manufacture terraces, sheds, decorated (engraved) elements, barriers, stairs, etc. for our houses. Manufacture of different elements ensures customers’ demands are met regarding traditional as well as modern design.

  • Timber elements

    We produce different timber elements, for housing construction but also for erecting public buildings. The elements are made with utility connections and finished to a level enabling installation at the site. The timber used in supporting structures complies with the strength class C24; strength calculations of structures have been performed. We offer elements made of different materials considering special characteristics of different areas as well as building codes.